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    Women’s Health Has Never Been More Important

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    Women’s lives have transformed over the centuries. In the 1900’s, the lifespan of a woman was only about 50 years. Now, in the new millennium, the average life expectancy of women in America is 83 years old and that number is on the rise. Not only are women living longer, but they can also anticipate the possibility of enjoying a better quality of life throughout their span of years. This is only possible, however, if women take charge of their own bodies and understand how they can maximize their personal health and wellness.

    A women’s health does not refer only to her physical condition but to her total well-being. It is not determined solely by biological factors but also by effects of workload, nutrition and stress. Some may argue that a woman’s health is the most important in today’s society. As we know, the health of families and communities are tied to the health of women. The illness or death of a woman has serious and far-reaching consequences for the health of her children, family and even community. Today, women’s health is taking on a higher position in society and people are realizing that while women have many of the same diseases as men, their symptoms and treatments may not always be identical.

    One famous slogan, “Healthy Women, Healthy World”, embodies the fact that as custodians of family health, women play a critical role in maintaining the health and overall well-being of her communities. However, because of the many roles women play, they too often are focused on the health care of their spouse or children, while neglecting their own needs. Therefore, it is imperative that women take the time to maintain good health for themselves as well. In fact, a number of illnesses that affect women can actually be prevented with proper woman’s care as a priority.

    The number one killer among American women is heart disease, and it is imperative that women are aware of this fact and act accordingly. The American Heart Association provides a diagram to help women take the necessary precautions to protect themselves.

    Health Facts

    At each stage of a woman’s life, there are important preventative health care steps to follow in order to provide early detection of medical problems. Many women may neglect health care exams for a number of reasons, however, in the end it comes down to whether or not you wish to make yourself a priority. After putting so much energy into caring for the lives of others, it is time women deserve that same level of care toward themselves. We at AmEx Pharmacy understand the importance of women’s health, and educating the communities we serve nationwide on the best preventative treatments and latest wellness strategies. So please stay tuned to our blog, as we constantly share different theories on how women can lead healthier lives.

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