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    The Truth About Male Beauty

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    Because most men cringe at the idea of  ‘BEAUTY’ for themselves, an emphasis focused on health and personal well-being is the better approach when referencing male beauty products and cosmetics. These days men are no longer the only breadwinners in the family and gender roles are beginning to blend, therefore leaving a convergence of masculine and feminine ideas in the industry. Women often take the more holistic path when talking about cosmetics; referencing their beauty ritual as a long-term investment in their future. Men, on the other had have more sense of immediacy and need to feel as though their products are having instant effects on them. However, as men are increasingly being exposed to powerful female figures, they no longer associate beauty rituals and cosmetics with femininity. Instead, they associate it with self-worth, success and confidence.
    At first thought, the idea of makeup and beauty products for men sounds laughable. Yet, men’s grooming products are among the quickest growing beauty industry segments. According to recent studies focused on the growth of men’s skincare and cosmetics in the marketplace, all the more often men are willing to drop large amounts of money of body care. New studies have even shown that younger men introduce skincare rituals to the older generation. When thinking of female beauty, we often believe the idea that the mother transmits her beauty rituals to her daughter, almost as a rite of passage. Men, on the other have often stopped that ritual at shaving, however, hundreds of young men are now educating their fathers on body care and answering their skin care concerns. As a result, men’s grooming no longer only refers to shaving cream, aftershave and razors. Several popular skin treatments have gone mainstream for men: moisturizers, anti-aging creams, facial cleansers, eye gels and even skin concealers. What better than Father’s Day to introduce Dad to your favorite skin care rituals.
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