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    The most frequently diagnosed cancers


    Certain cancers are diagnosed far more frequently than others. But cancers that are diagnosed most often are not necessarily the most deadly cancers, nor are they always the most treatable. They simply represent those cancers with the highest prevalence.

    According to data from the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute, excluding non-melanoma skin cancers, the following cancers are those diagnosed with the greatest frequency.

    Breast cancer: Topping the list in the number of diagnoses is breast cancer. An estimated 254,000 new cases occur each year. However, breast cancer that is caught early tends to be highly treatable.

    Lung cancer: Lung cancer, including cancer of the bronchus, accounts for roughly 223,000 diagnoses each year. The fatality rate for lung cancer is much higher than it is for breast cancer, with an estimated 156,000 deaths from lung cancer each year.

    Prostate cancer: Prostate cancer only affects men, making the number of cases even more striking. Prostate cancer diagnoses equal around 160,000 new cases annually. However, since prostate cancer grows slowly, treatment is often successful.

    Colorectal cancer: Estimates suggest new cases of colon cancer and rectal cancer will equal 135,000 in 2017, making cancers of the lower digestive system quite common.

    Melanoma: One of the deadliest forms of skin cancer, melanoma account for roughly 87,000 new cancer diagnoses each year.

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