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    The Process

    1. Select item on prescription pad and complete the form. Be sure to get patient commitment on pricing to avoid call backs. Then fax prescription to AmEx Pharmacy at 800-592-3303 or call the Pharmacist at 800-644-9431
    2. Give patient a copy of our “Dear Patient” sheet to improve compliance, avoid no fills and prevent call backs to office with questions. Download our “Dear Patient” sheet here
    3. The patient will recieve a call from us within 1-2 business days from the receipt of the prescription.
    4. Once the patient approves the prescription and payment has been made, we will compound the medication for pickup, shipping or local delivery.

    or  Download the Form Here

    Practitioner Compound Inquiry Form

    You may report complaints about our Services by calling 1-800-644-9431. Your complaint will be investigated by our Quality Assurance Officer and resolved as quickly as possible. You will receive notice of the progress or resolution within 14 days of the complaint. You may also contact ACHC at 919-785-1214 to file a complaint.

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    *Request will be returned within 5 business days of receipt of submitted inquiry.

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