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    PCAB Accreditation

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    AmEx Pharmacy’s PCAB Accreditation



    AmEx Pharmacy is one of a select group of pharmacies in the world to have earned the distinction PCAB Accredited. The Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board, or PCAB, was established by National Organizations including The American Pharmacist Association and the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, to establish stringent standards of safety and quality to protect patients and practitioners who use compounded medications.


    AmEx Pharmacy meets or exceeds all USP guidelines and PCAB standards and we have passed a rigorous review and inspection process. Our licensed pharmacists and pharmacy technicians have received specialized training and Utilize the finest precision equipment so practitioners and patients who rely on our pharmacy for their medications can be assured that they have been prepared using the highest standards for quality and safety.


    We follow very stringent policies and procedures when we compound your medication, and use the purest chemicals, with certificates of analysis from highly reliable FDA approved companies. The use of a powder hood prevents cross contamination and protects the person making the medications as well as the patient.  Each weight and ingredient is double-checked by one of our licensed Pharmacists; we take ever precaution for your safety preparations are tested for potency and sterility using an independent laboratory. PCAB accreditation is your assurance of quality, and why you can feel secure about Amex Pharmacy compounding your medications.



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