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    The troche (pronounced “trō′kē”), is a sublingual dosage form for medications and nutrients used in the pharmaceutical industry. Troches are a unique dosage form designed to deliver medications directly to the mucus membranes of the mouth by dissolving slowly when placed between the tongue and gums. A number of medications, including both drugs and supplements, can be delivered this way.

    When placed in the mouth, these lozenges are not designed to be swallowed, but made to dissolve slowly under a patients tongue; most are also flavored to make taking the medication more pleasant. The term for this form of medication delivery is derived from the Greek word for “wheel,” and troches are traditionally round in shape, (however ours are square here at Amex Pharmacy). The size of the medication can vary, depending on what is being delivered, and is usually used when medications cannot be ingested because the digestive juices will damage or compromise the medication. An alternative might be a medication rubbed on the mucus membranes of the mouth, or a transdermal patch applied to the skin.

    As the troche breaks down, the drug seeps through the porous mucus membranes in the mouth and rapidly enters the bloodstream. This allows for extremely rapid delivery of medications while avoiding potentially damaging digestive processes. “We use the troche dosage form for sublingual drug delivery in our line of Men’s ED products because we found a better absorption rate and patient response when placing the troche under the tongue.” said Mike Boehmer Head of R & D at Amex Pharmacy. “Many of our prescribers have noted patient complaints that traditional tablets take a long time to work, sometimes over an hour. The amount of food and acidity in the stomach also affect this process, so for many patients, the sublingual route of administration provides a faster and better effect over traditional pills.”


    Amex Pharmacy and other pharmacies across the country have started to adopt this alternative dosage form in supplements and medications for Men’s ED, Pain Management, Hormone Deficiencies, and more; all of which are made available only by a prescription from a physician. The value of sublingual drug delivery also can apply to nutritional therapy as well. In fact the sales of sublingual supplements through health practitioner offices is a growing market; currently about 20% of supplement sales go through physicians offices.

    IMS reported that physicians wrote 80 million prescriptions for vitamins/minerals last year, mostly to those on government-funded or supplement-covered insurance plans. As well, 8 in 10 physicians recommend supplements to their patients, and 72% of patients given a recommendation comply. SO WHAT ARE THE DOCS RECOMMENDING? According to the IMS, Physicians were most likely (42%) to recommend vitamin D, 33% calcium/fish oil, one in five B vitamins B and C, and one in 10 iron, antioxidants, fiber, vitamin A/E, probiotics or potassium.

    Always consult with your doctor before trying any dietary supplement or vitamin. If you have any questions regarding the use of supplements please call our pharmacists, at 800-644- 9431or feel free to text them at 321-872- 0723. Our Pharmacists are available 24/7 for questions on this subject, or other Amex Pharmacy areas of expertise like Men’s ED Treatments, Dermatology Compounds, Topical Pain Relief, and more.

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