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    Part II of IV: Personalized Vitamins vs. Multi Vitamins

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    The role of the standard Multivitamin has been called into question lately.  And it very well should be.  Recent studies have questioned their usefulness and perhaps their potential for harm. To those of us in the medical field this is not surprising. Every medicine a doctor recommends has potential side effects, so why should supplements be any different? Many of the supplements on the market today are far exceeding recommended doses of certain nutrients.  Research has shown that these excessive doses can be harmful.  For example, too much Vitamin A may lead to cancer.  Likewise the US Preventative Task Force has not recommended the regular use of some supplements at all, stating insufficient data exists to justify their use.

    On the flip side, we know from years of seeing patients in practice, that most of us are Vitamin D deficient and many of us lack enough iron. We don’t eat meat the way we used to and we wear sunscreen and avoid the sun (for good, health reasons like skin cancer prevention).  We may note symptoms of nutritional deficiencies like hair loss or fatigue. Or we may feel OK but be unaware of harm to our bodies, such as loss in our bone density, that may one day lead to osteoporosis.

    What to take is a complicated subject to say the least. However, our experience has taught us that we are not all alike. We each have different genes and different lifestyles that interact to give us unique nutritional needs.  The standard multivitamin does not suffice. It in fact may contain many unnecessary and potentially harmful ingredients (Vitamin A and heavy metals) but not enough of essential vitamins.


    Even the most conscientious among us finds eating healthfully at every meal can be challenging. Vitamins, minerals and other supplements can help to fill the gaps caused by less-than- optimal meals. “The benefit of careful supplementation for most people is very clear,” said Tieraona Low, M.D. “Taking daily vitamins, minerals and herbs in a strategic way, based on a person’s unique profile, circumstances and lifestyle, is one of the best moves we can make toward optimal health.”

    Personalized Vitamins were developed to find the individual combination of nutrients that is ideal for each person at a given time in their life. When compounding a personalized vitamin Amex Pharmacy takes into consideration multiple factors including but not limited to: age, sun exposure, stage of life, chronic diseases, diet, exercise, and most importantly our patients concerns and symptoms.

    We are committed to meeting your needs with not just a personalized multivitamin, but a safe well balanced formulation. If you have any questions regarding the use of supplements feel free to call our pharmacists, at 800-644- 9431 or please text them at 321-872- 0723.

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