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    Part I of IV: Defining The Nutritional Supplement Market

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    Dietary supplements are now the third most used remedy for minor ailments for adults and kids, right behind popping an OTC and “waiting it out.” Half of consumers stock up on immunity boosting supplements prior to cold season, and 54% of working women keep them on-the- job. So our team thought we would focus 4 stories on what is happening within the supplement market.

     Defining the Nutritional Supplement Market

     Personalized Vitamins vs. Multi Vitamins

     What is a Nutraceutical?

     Troche’ – A New Format and Delivery Technique for Meds.

    SPORTS NUTRITION will be the fastest growing health category through 2018. Protein, fish oil, ginseng, combination supplements, probiotics, eye health, minerals/calcium and co-enzyme Q10 are projected to be the fastest growing Supplement Categories.

    CLEAN LABEL supplements are growing as a Category: One-quarter of users opted for supplements that were labeled natural/naturally-sourced, while 3 in 10 consumers classify their “diet lifestyle” as “whole foods; Not surprisingly, whole food supplements were one of the fastest growing supplement sectors in 2014.

    CONSUMERS 65+ account for 66% of the projected growth in dietary supplement use. The IRI’s 2015 Aging America report indicated that on most days 46% of seniors take a calcium supplement; 24% a fiber supplement; 36% use an antacid/digestive product. These new age seniors are also projected to drive dollar sales of nutrition bars, energy drinks, sports drinks, and refrigerated tea products. (Boomers are also the #1 user of protein drinks for energy.)

    With the U.S. lifespan now 81 years for women and 76 for men—and 29 million people now aged 70–87—a large new market focused on concerns of much older Americans is taking shape. Stroke, mobility, joint, muscle mass / strength / sarcopenia, memory/cognition, Alzheimer’s, diverticulitis, regularity, weight maintenance and pain will continue to move into the spotlight.

    MEN represent 43% of primary supplement shoppers—52% of Dads have young kids at home—and 14 million men are living alone. And research shows men aren’t shy when it comes to paying a premium for their health, beauty and supplement products. Weight, followed by cholesterol, hypertension, joint pain, acid reflux, arthritis, vision and prostate issues are men’s top health concerns.


    With recent data confirming a deficiency among nine in 10 Americans, expect the essential nutrient CHOLINE to grab the spotlight. Choline’s role is well established for cognition, memory, healthy pregnancy, sports performance and liver health. Choline also plays a role in eye health, muscle performance, endurance and unique post-menopausal needs. New research links choline status with increased sperm count, the reduction of pre-eclampsia during pregnancy, and reduced anxiety hormone cortisol in fetus, infants and children. Three herbs have seen steady growth in terms of awareness over the past few years, so expect the markets to grow for TURMERIC, GOJI BERRY & GARCINIA

    The Horehound Herb


    HOREHOUND was the best-selling herbal supplement, while we see increased us of both MATCHA (especially for heart health, blood sugar and blood pressure regulation) and MUSHROOM SPECIES including MAITAKE (especially for immunity, modulaton of blood sugar and insulin response), KING TRUMPET (especially for antioxidant L-ergothioneine, cholesterol management, bone health), CORDYCEPS (especially for energy, respiration) and REISHI (especially for immune, heart health) are other up-and- comers.

    If you have any questions regarding the use of supplements please call Amex Pharmacy at 800-644- 9431, or feel free to text an Amex Pharmacist at 321-872-0723


    Mushroom Herbal Supplements are a hot new trend in the market.

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