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    We Can Help You Manage Your Pain

    What sets us apart from other pain management therapies is the personalized service we provide for the practitioner, the staff, and the patients. Our Medication Therapy Management (MTM) program has taken topical pain compounding and prescribing to the next level, by combining a MTM consultation with each prescription dispensed. And it does not end there. We continue to follow your patients monthly for therapeutic monitoring and compliance. Our MTM service allows you to spend more time with your patients

    Do you know what other providers are prescribing for your patients?

    WE DO!

    Our clinical teams led by our pharmacists gather and analyze your patient’s entire medical history including, diagnoses therapies such as prescription,herbal and OTC medications. Present medication prescribed, herbal and over the counter. After a thorough review of all data collected; we consult with you,your patient and their other health care providers. This allows us to provide the perfect recommendation to treat your patient’s pain while avoiding interactions.

    A Few Of The Many Reasons For Choosing AmEx Pharmacy To Assist In Providing Topical Pain Relief

    We have built our brand on a reputation of excellence. We are one of the select few PCAB accredited compounding pharmacies which means we are held to the highest standards. We take pride producing quality and clinically sound compounds that you can feel safe and proud prescribing. We have an open door policy and invite you to stop by to check out our pharmacy any time. You don’t even have to call.

    Our Topical Pain Relief Products

    1. Improve Compliance: Our specially customized transdermal systems provide better absorption through the skin. This results in lower dosage amounts and helps avoid many of the risks associated with oral drugs.
    2. Rapidly Target The Pain: Transdermal delivery to trigger points along the spine allows for a greater concentration which minimizes systemic absorption. This provides for targeted relieve and avoids systemic side effects compared to orally dosed medications.
    3. Avoid Side Effects: Our topical agents do not undergo first pass effects which help to avoid problems such as stomach irritation, nausea, constipation and other unwanted side effects.
    4. Efficacy and Tolerability: Allow you to treat patients who are not candidates for traditional pain management due to age, medical conditions, prescription regimens and addition potential.


    “Within five days of using the topical solution, my chronic left knee pain subsided approximately 90%, my mental faculties were not impaired professionally, and I am able to sleep pain free. The topical solution developed by Dr. Lanier of Amex Pharmacy relieves[s] the chronic pain in my left knee. I find the topical solution much more effective than the Ibuprofen prescription.”

    D.A, PAtient

    “The cream has helped my back. The first time I had such relief I couldn’t believe it. Thank you.”

    R.N., Patient

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