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    New Wave Dermatology Southeast Regional Conference

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    Dr. Cohen, M.D. – Gives his presentation on Biologics and the treatment of Psoriasis


    Our team was thrilled to have the opportunity to attend the recent New Wave Dermatology Southeast Regional Conference in Ft. Lauderdale FL, as a guest of our friend and colleague, David Cohen, M.D.  Dr. Cohen gave an exciting presentation on a new biologic for the treatment of Psoriasis, and passed on many clinical pearls of wisdom in the process.   “It was especially interesting to learn that most psoriasis patients on biologics still frequently need topical therapy to manage problem areas.” Said Mike Boehmer, R.PH.  “ At Amex, we have a large portfolio of excellent compounding alternatives for patients not well managed by commercial topicals, and we look forward to exploring this topic more with Dr. Cohen.”

    Dr. Tracey Vlahovic, DPM also gave a very interesting presentation on the treatment of Onychomycosis, and a good practical discussion on treatment of common nail conditions.  “It was great to hear an experienced podiatrist share so many clinical anecdotes and new ideas”, said Mark Sangree, President Amex Pharmacy.  “Many compounded alternatives also exist for nail and foot conditions, and our team was able to add new information to our knowledge base in this area.”

    Dr. Allison Arthur gave a fascinating presentation regarding the impact of diet on common dermatologic conditions, and Dr. David Sikes gave us much more insight into scleroderma, and it’s connection to other auto-immune diseases.

    What really makes these Events great is seeing some of our local practitioners and other local partners, like Cathy Pank, MS, ARNP-BC and Anna Whittington, MPH, PA-C from Brevard Medical Dermatology, who both seemed to be enjoying the presentations.  It was also a pleasure for our team to bump into Bonnie Fox, PA-C as well, and we hope to see everyone at one of the upcoming conferences in Florida.  This was a great opportunity for our group to increase our expertise in Dermatology, as well as learn from our peers…you can count on seeing the AmEx Team at the next Conference.



    Cathy Pank, MS, ARNP-BC, Mike Boehmer, R.PH. and Anna Whittington, MPH, PA-C

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