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    Melbourne is Growing Folks!

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    Driving through Melbourne, the typical site these days includes cranes and construction equipment across the city.

    From Titusville to Palm Bay, the Treasure Coast’s economy is outpacing much of the state, and wages are expected to grow an average of 3.8% over the next few years, the best improvement statewide. The signs of growth are everywhere…

    Port Canaveral is expanding its cruise and cargo areas and the Vehicle Assembly Building at the Kennedy Space Center is being prepped for commercial use. In the center of town, new owners plan to replace the dilapidated Miracle City Mall with a modern shopping, dining and entertainment complex later this year. “The Suntree/Viera area of Melbourne has seen an influx of commercial development as we are coming out of our recent recession,” said Jill Rose, vice president of retail services for BishopBeal. “This increase in activity is fueled by the higher income demographic and solid employment in the area, which sparked The Fresh Market’s attention as they sought additional areas in Florida to serve.”

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    In West Melbourne, Mayor Hal Rose is touting the brand-new 933 home Sawgrass Lakes subdivisions. “I’m putting Orlando on notice,” Rose says. “We could reposition ourselves to be this grand city.” For the town’s retail scene, the Mayor has plans for several major retailers such as, L.A Fitness, Wawa and the discount store Five Below. One major commercial addition to the city is the Holmes Regional Medical Center. Located in the heart of Melbourne. Patients will be treated with the latest in cardiac care and amenities, and they heart center will offer a number of unexpected services to its patients, such as bellhops to carry their belongings. Hotel-style rooms will be designed with a home-like feel to them and will include cable television and DVD viewing options. The hospital’s employees can also enjoy on-site concierge services. As well, Holmes Regional is proud to be the first hospital in its county to offer state-of-the artrobotics-assisted surgery for urology, prostate and gynecological conditions as well as advanced anterior hip replacement and shoulder procedures. With the thriving economic construction in Melbourne, the Treasure Coast is one of the fastest growing areas in the state of Florida today. As the Mayor of Melbourne said, “Things are improving greatly and as time goes by, they will continue to improve.”

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