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    Specialized Eating & Functional Eating

    One-quarter of U.S. households say that food restrictions, avoidances, intolerances or allergies have an influence on what they eat; 10% are very strongly influenced, according to Packaged Facts 2015 Ingredients Consumers Avoid report. As well, 30% of food shoppers, 4 in 10 Millennials, tried a specialized eating regiment: 9% vegetarian, 7% lactose-free, 6% gluten- or dairy-free, 5% raw/living, 4% juice cleanse/detox, 4% Weight Watchers or Atkins and 3% the Mediterranean, Paleo or a vegan diet.

    Dairy-based drinks/alternative drinks are the most active new beverage development category, followed by sports/energy drinks and coffee/tea.

    Four in 10 meal preparers (44%) serve meals without meat, poultry or fish one to three times per week; 7% do so four or more times. Eggs are the most popular meat alternative, prepared by 78% of consumers; 61% serve beans, lentils or legumes; 28% veggie burgers; 28% quinoa/other whole grains; 18% seeds/nuts; and 14% tofu or tempeh. As well, 17% of adults are making some effort to follow a partially vegetarian diet; those aged 18-24 are most likely to do so; 2% avoided all animal products.

    Health is also an important snack selection factor for half (50%) of adults. The average number of in-between meal snacks grew from 1.9 per person to 2.8 in 2015. Nearly half of consumers (50%) look for snacks that have additional health benefits beyond nutrition. One in five buy snacks for an energy boost or to improve their mood, and 17% do so to manage weight.

    Gluten-free led the fastest growing snack claims; followed by hormone claims, oil type, other omega claims, natural, protein, soy, omega/ALA, vegan/vegetarian, whole grain and organic, according to IRI in 2015; organic snacks grew 11.6%. See chart below for more details.


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