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    Do We Live In A Post-Antibiotic Era?

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    With the Zika virus and others running rampant around the globe, our team wanted to find some scientific research/progress on our ability to fight viruses.  This article from the American Council on Science & Health has interesting findings on using baceteria phage, to fight off the most resistant viruses. Typically, when we think about viruses, we generally think of them as human contagions such as the flu, HIV, and the common cold. However, all organisms, not just humans, have viruses that infect them, including bacteria. Bacteriophage (or just ‘phage’) is the special name given to these viruses. These phages interact with bacteria in the same way they do with human cells (or any other cell for that matter): they enter the cell, take control of the host’s cellular machinery, trick the cell into making more copies of the virus, burst the cell open to release these new copies, and then the cycle repeats. The phages are also species specific, and sometimes even strain specific; a phage that attacks MRSA is not a threat to a human cells, nor to an E. coli cell.

    Pond-ering New Antimicrobials

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