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    AmEx Pharmacy Receives ACHC Accreditation for the 4th Consecutive Year

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    This month AmEx Pharmacy passed its most recent ACHC focus survey, making it 4 years in a row as an ACHC, Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Pharmacy. ACHC is a national organization developed by homecare and alternate-site healthcare industry providers. Their Surveyors and Staff are committed to providing the industry with an accreditation program that helps organizations improve business operations, quality of patient care, and services.

    ACHC has gained respect and recognition as an accrediting organization uniquely committed to health care providers like AmEx Pharmacy. The Commission has adopted a participatory approach to standards development that actively solicits the input of those most knowledgeable about current approaches to care. The result is a set of practical standards that promotes quality services and ensures optimum care for the patient. The entire accreditation process is a collaborative, educational, and genuinely patient-focused approach.

    Since 1986, ACHC has become synonymous with providing excellent customer service, integrity, and value to providers like Amex Pharmacy. The Commission’s Surveyors and Account Advisors are friendly and helpful, ensuring that our team at AmEx Pharmacy and others obtain the highest quality accreditation, helping us improve our business, and provide excellent patient care.

    ACHC has been listening to our team at AmEx Pharmacy and other providers around the country for years, and the Commission understands the challenges that come with any Professional Healthcare Accreditation. We just wanted to take some time out of our busy day down here in Melbourne FL, to say “Thank You For Your Help ACHC!” and we look forward to many years of your guidance and accreditation.

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