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Our Pharmacists And Staff Work Closely With Doctors and Therapists To Design The Best Possible Treatment For Each Individual Patient

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Check Out AmEx Pharmacy's Certified State-Of-The-Art Clean Room

AmEx Pharmacy is a state‐of‐the‐art, PCAB Accredited, USP <797> sterile certified pharmacy offering custom‐made prescription medications, which are prepared under a Class 100, Laminar Flow Hood, in a Class 10,000 clean room. .... Read More

The AmEx Pharmacy Clean Room


"I developed an open wound on my right ankle. Everything that I was asked to do by my doctor didn’t work and the wound was actually getting worse. A compounding pharmacist suggested two compounded medicines to be applied daily. In two months, my open wound was closed and the pain was gone. The treatment worked as promised."

“Within five days of using the topical solution, my chronic left knee pain subsided approximately 90%, my mental faculties were not impaired professionally, and I am able to sleep pain free.  The topical solution developed by Dr. Lanier of Amex Pharmacy relieves[s] the chronic pain in my left knee. I find the topical solution much more effective than the Ibuprofen prescription.”


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Case Study: Radiation Burn Skin -- PCCA PracaSil™-Plus

Written byPCCA
on 02 March 2014
Case Study: Radiation Burn Skin --  PCCA PracaSil™-Plus

Case Description: A 72-year-old caucasian male had surgery to remove an acinic cell carninoma. Following surgery, treatment for the carcinoma was continued with 33 sessions of radiation therapy to the...

Injuries of the Overused

Written byEve Becker
on 03 March 2014
Injuries of the Overused

By specializing in a single sport year-round, young athletes are at risk for injury.The three-sport athlete—someone who played soccer in fall, basketball in winter and baseball in spring—used to be the...

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