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“I developed an open wound on my right ankle. Everything that I was asked to do by my doctor didn’t work and the wound was actually getting worse. A compounding pharmacist suggested two compounded medicines to be applied daily. In two months, my open wound was closed and the pain was gone. The treatment worked as promised.”

M.L., Patient

“Within five days of using the topical solution, my chronic left knee pain subsided approximately 90%, my mental faculties were not impaired professionally, and I am able to sleep pain free. The topical solution developed by Dr. Lanier of Amex Pharmacy relieves[s] the chronic pain in my left knee. I find the topical solution much more effective than the Ibuprofen prescription.”

D.A., Patient

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Part II of IV: Personalized Vitamins vs. Multi Vitamins

June 29, 2016
The role of the standard Multivitamin has been called into question lately.  And it very well should be.  Recent studies have questioned their usefulness and perhaps their potential for harm. To those of us in the medical field this is not surprising. Every medicine a doctor recommends has potential side effects, so why should supplements be any different? Many of the supplements on the market today are far exceeding recommended doses of certain nutrients.  Research has shown that these excessive doses can be harmful.  For example, too much Vitamin A may lead to cancer.  Likewise the US Preventative Task Force has not recommended the regular use of some supplements at all, stating insufficient data exists to justify their use. On the flip side, we know from years of seeing patients in practice, that most of us are Vitamin D deficient and many of us lack enough iron. We don’t eat meat the way we used to and we wear sunscreen and avoid the sun (for good, health reasons like skin cancer prevention).  We may note symptoms of nutritional deficiencies like hair loss or fatigue. Or we may feel OK but be unaware of harm to our bodies, such as loss in our bone density, that may one day lead to osteoporosis. What to take is a complicated subject to say the least. However, our experience has taught us that we are not all alike. We each have different genes and different lifestyles that interact to give us unique nutritional needs.  The standard multivitamin does not suffice. It in fact may contain many unnecessary and potentially harmful ingredients (Vitamin A and heavy metals) but not enough of essential vitamins. Even the most conscientious among us finds eating healthfully at every meal can be challenging. Vitamins, minerals and other supplements can help to fill the gaps caused by less-than- optimal meals. “The benefit of careful supplementation for most people is very clear,” said Tieraona Low, M.D. “Taking daily vitamins, minerals and herbs in a strategic way, based on a person’s unique profile, circumstances and lifestyle, is one of the best moves we can make toward optimal health.” Personalized Vitamins were developed to find the individual combination of nutrients that is ideal for each person at a given time in their life. When compounding a personalized vitamin Amex Pharmacy takes into consideration multiple factors including but not limited to: age, sun exposure, stage of life, chronic diseases, diet, exercise, and most importantly our patients concerns and symptoms. We are committed to meeting your needs with not just a personalized multivitamin, but a safe well balanced formulation. If you have any questions regarding the use of supplements feel free to call our pharmacists, at 800-644- 9431 or please text them at 321-872- 0723.

Part I of IV: Defining The Nutritional Supplement Market

June 23, 2016
  Dietary supplements are now the third most used remedy for minor ailments for adults and kids, right behind popping an OTC and “waiting it out.” Half of consumers stock up on immunity boosting supplements prior to cold season, and 54% of working women keep them on-the- job. So our team thought we would focus 4 stories on what is happening within the supplement market.  Defining the Nutritional Supplement Market  Personalized Vitamins vs. Multi Vitamins  What is a Nutraceutical?  Troche’ – A New Format and Delivery Technique for Meds. SPORTS NUTRITION will be the fastest growing health category through 2018. Protein, fish oil, ginseng, combination supplements, probiotics, eye health, minerals/calcium and co-enzyme Q10 are projected to be the fastest growing Supplement Categories. CLEAN LABEL supplements are growing as a Category: One-quarter of users opted for supplements that were labeled natural/naturally-sourced, while 3 in 10 consumers classify their “diet lifestyle” as “whole foods; Not surprisingly, whole food supplements were one of the fastest growing supplement sectors in 2014. CONSUMERS 65+ account for 66% of the projected growth in dietary supplement use. The IRI’s 2015 Aging America report indicated that on most days 46% of seniors take a calcium supplement; 24% a fiber supplement; 36% use an antacid/digestive product. These new age seniors are also projected to drive dollar sales of nutrition bars, energy drinks, sports drinks, and refrigerated tea products. (Boomers are also the #1 user of protein drinks for energy.) With the U.S. lifespan now 81 years for women and 76 for men—and 29 million people now aged 70–87—a large new market focused on concerns of much older Americans is taking shape. Stroke, mobility, joint, muscle mass / strength / sarcopenia, memory/cognition, Alzheimer’s, diverticulitis, regularity, weight maintenance and pain will continue to move into the spotlight. MEN represent 43% of primary supplement shoppers—52% of Dads have young kids at home—and 14 million men are living alone. And research shows men aren’t shy when it comes to paying a premium for their health, beauty and supplement products. Weight, followed by cholesterol, hypertension, joint pain, acid reflux, arthritis, vision and prostate issues are men’s top health concerns. SO…WHAT’S HOT NEXT? With recent data confirming a deficiency among nine in 10 Americans, expect the essential nutrient CHOLINE to grab the spotlight. Choline’s role is well established for cognition, memory, healthy pregnancy, sports performance and liver health. Choline also plays a role in eye health, muscle performance, endurance and unique post-menopausal needs. New research links choline status with increased sperm count, the reduction of pre-eclampsia during pregnancy, and reduced anxiety hormone cortisol in fetus, infants and children. Three herbs have seen steady growth in terms of awareness over the past few years, so expect the markets to grow for TURMERIC, GOJI BERRY & GARCINIA The Horehound Herb HOREHOUND was the best-selling herbal supplement, while we see increased us of both MATCHA (especially for heart health, blood sugar and blood pressure regulation) and MUSHROOM SPECIES including MAITAKE (especially for immunity, modulaton of blood sugar and insulin response), KING TRUMPET (especially for antioxidant L-ergothioneine, cholesterol management, bone health), CORDYCEPS (especially for energy, respiration) and REISHI (especially for immune, heart health) are other up-and- comers. If you have any questions

Do We Live In A Post-Antibiotic Era?

June 14, 2016
With the Zika virus and others running rampant around the globe, our team wanted to find some scientific research/progress on our ability to fight viruses.  This article from the American Council on Science & Health has interesting findings on using baceteria phage, to fight off the most resistant viruses. Typically, when we think about viruses, we generally think of them as human contagions such as the flu, HIV, and the common cold. However, all organisms, not just humans, have viruses that infect them, including bacteria. Bacteriophage (or just ‘phage’) is the special name given to these viruses. These phages interact with bacteria in the same way they do with human cells (or any other cell for that matter): they enter the cell, take control of the host’s cellular machinery, trick the cell into making more copies of the virus, burst the cell open to release these new copies, and then the cycle repeats. The phages are also species specific, and sometimes even strain specific; a phage that attacks MRSA is not a threat to a human cells, nor to an E. coli cell. Pond-ering New Antimicrobials

The Truth About Male Beauty

June 9, 2016
Because most men cringe at the idea of  ‘BEAUTY’ for themselves, an emphasis focused on health and personal well-being is the better approach when referencing male beauty products and cosmetics. These days men are no longer the only breadwinners in the family and gender roles are beginning to blend, therefore leaving a convergence of masculine and feminine ideas in the industry. Women often take the more holistic path when talking about cosmetics; referencing their beauty ritual as a long-term investment in their future. Men, on the other had have more sense of immediacy and need to feel as though their products are having instant effects on them. However, as men are increasingly being exposed to powerful female figures, they no longer associate beauty rituals and cosmetics with femininity. Instead, they associate it with self-worth, success and confidence. At first thought, the idea of makeup and beauty products for men sounds laughable. Yet, men’s grooming products are among the quickest growing beauty industry segments. According to recent studies focused on the growth of men’s skincare and cosmetics in the marketplace, all the more often men are willing to drop large amounts of money of body care. New studies have even shown that younger men introduce skincare rituals to the older generation. When thinking of female beauty, we often believe the idea that the mother transmits her beauty rituals to her daughter, almost as a rite of passage. Men, on the other have often stopped that ritual at shaving, however, hundreds of young men are now educating their fathers on body care and answering their skin care concerns. As a result, men’s grooming no longer only refers to shaving cream, aftershave and razors. Several popular skin treatments have gone mainstream for men: moisturizers, anti-aging creams, facial cleansers, eye gels and even skin concealers. What better than Father’s Day to introduce Dad to your favorite skin care rituals.

AmEx Pharmacy Receives ACHC Accreditation for the 4th Consecutive Year

May 24, 2016
  This month AmEx Pharmacy passed its most recent ACHC focus survey, making it 4 years in a row as an ACHC, Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Pharmacy. ACHC is a national organization developed by homecare and alternate-site healthcare industry providers. Their Surveyors and Staff are committed to providing the industry with an accreditation program that helps organizations improve business operations, quality of patient care, and services. ACHC has gained respect and recognition as an accrediting organization uniquely committed to health care providers like AmEx Pharmacy. The Commission has adopted a participatory approach to standards development that actively solicits the input of those most knowledgeable about current approaches to care. The result is a set of practical standards that promotes quality services and ensures optimum care for the patient. The entire accreditation process is a collaborative, educational, and genuinely patient-focused approach. Since 1986, ACHC has become synonymous with providing excellent customer service, integrity, and value to providers like Amex Pharmacy. The Commission’s Surveyors and Account Advisors are friendly and helpful, ensuring that our team at AmEx Pharmacy and others obtain the highest quality accreditation, helping us improve our business, and provide excellent patient care. ACHC has been listening to our team at AmEx Pharmacy and other providers around the country for years, and the Commission understands the challenges that come with any Professional Healthcare Accreditation. We just wanted to take some time out of our busy day down here in Melbourne FL, to say “Thank You For Your Help ACHC!” and we look forward to many years of your guidance and accreditation.